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The eSCOFFLAW® solution began with the 2011 legislative change to Chapter 502 of the Texas Transportation Code. This change empowered county assessor-collectors with the authority to deny Texas motor vehicle owners the ability to register a motor vehicle, if the delinquent vehicle owner had past due (90 days or longer) fines, fees or taxes. In order to support these collection efforts, the State also provides a $20 collection fee for each past due civil violation or delinquent obligation identified and collected


The Hamer Enterprises eSCOFFLAW® solution continues the legacy of the eJUSTICE case management solution. The eSCOFFLAW® system utilizes all of the code enforcement tools provided in the Texas Transportation Code(§ 502.010), and as such includes all necessary technology and expertise necessary for this comprehensive collection process.

When the county (and where possible, its client municipalities) provides Hamer Enterprises with the data for delinquent and past due offenders, the eSCOFFLAW® system intelligently analyzes multiple databases to identify precisely when an individual may be denied registration of their motor vehicle.

By enhancing a field-proven legacy product, Hamer Enterprises is able to harness its practiced knowledge of county and municipal governmental code enforcement with eNETPAY®. The result is a new cost-efficient means of collecting previously uncollected revenue, along with an additional $20 revenue fee for the county... and best of all, at no cost to the county.


  • A public website, acessible 24/7, 365 days a year for prospective offenders / delinquent patrons to perform lookups and payment processing.
  • Client-specific 'Denial Letters' and detailed payment receipts online.
  • On-demand duplicate receipts.
  • Interrogation of data from multiple types of databases in various types of formats - consolidating heterogeneous databases into a single comprehensive database.
  • Online Settlement via advanced TLS encrypted security algorithms - providing auditor and financial administrators with the utmost in secure reconciliation.

A Hosted Solution

  • Hosted Database Management System
  • Daily backups for future reference
  • Hosted Citizen-based Website
  • Multiple search criteria
  • Rapid search via Driver License scan
  • Scofflaw Denial of Service letters provided
  • Live technical support and staff training
  • Online Settlement Reporting System
  • Realtime Reporting
  • Credit and Debit cards accepted
    (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, & Discover)
  • Funds transferred to individual entities in three banking days

A Clear Choice

  • Cost Efficient
  • Revenue Effective
  • User Friendly
  • Pro-Active
  • Secure