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Hamer Enterprises has well honed and innovative product, full of proactice details that make them novel;but our support is untouchable. When a company spends its corporate life dedicated to excellence in support the result is  strong "word of mouth" recommendations from a satisfied customer base.

One example is The Los Angeles County Assessor's Office. The LA Assessor has utilized the Hamer Enterprises eCAM/PP solution for over 15 years.  Los Angeles has 1450 employees and a $157M annual budget. It is the largest property assessment agency in the nation. The eCAM/PP product has been appraising all the Unsecured Property from the L.A. Suburbs to Rodeo Drive.

Hamer Enterprises "Client Advocates", that's what we call our support specialists, are the Hamer TEAM heroes. Their attention to details, and dedication to do, 'what ever it takes', has set a standard. Our dedicated specialists, with a 24 hour response time, and a fully computerized SAR logging and tracking system, established a secure foundation for our clients.

Your questions and inquiries are always welcome.

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For product support questions or technical assistance, please contact our "client advocates":

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or, send a fax with the nature of your inquiry in the subject line.

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or, you may call us! Talk to real people who will be glad you called and are ready to help!

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