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Hamer Enterprises has, over the past 40 years, provided turnkey application solutions to state and local government. These solutions enable government to deliver valuable information to its citizens. The focus has been to decrease government dependencies while enabling the citizen to perform government-based tasks. Today, through a partnership with IBM, the Hamer Enterprises application solutions are paving the way for a more concentric interactivity between government and its constituents.

The company CEO and founder, William C. Hamer, first established the firm as a strong commercial, personal accounting and consultant business. Natural progression led the company from in-house automation and software development to the emergence of a service bureau, for first time business and public entity users. The growth of services and continued requests by satisfied clients for higher functional applications and support, quickly enhanced the bureau. This provided Hamer Enterprises with the largest programming staff in South Texas, leading to the involvement in many diverse Commercial, Industrial, Municipal Government, County Government and State Government automation projects. The company provided turnkey system services, from analyzing basic application and communication needs through developing and implementing full hardware and software systems for network computing and communications.

The success of Hamer Enterprises has been in its abiding desire to provide a self contained offering of computing hardware, application software and the implementation services that address any project engagements, a one-stop point of access. Moreover, Hamer Enterprises development teams, exclusively in-house, hold years of tangible collaborative experience in the disciplines of government.

The Company has grown. Its positive corporate culture and proactive approach has reinforced the principles and standards that built the foundation upon which many now depend.