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Electronic Computer Aided Mass Appraisal (eCAM) provides an efficient, user friendly, table driven system, utilizing the cost, market and income approaches to value which is completely integrated to the latest in PC-based and workstation-based GIS technology. User-defined coding fields give the tax professional freedom to mass appraise and define land improvements and the query and reporting features are the most thorough in the industry. Database Technology based on IBM DB2.

eCAM incorporates the latest in "pop-up" window technology. Through the use of specific function keys, pertinent information regarding a field's use and content is instantly at the tax professional's fingertips. If the user is unsure how a specific field interacts with eCAM, they simply press the <HELP> key. By pressing the <HELP> key, a description of the current field may be obtained, defining the type of information to input and its interaction with the other fields.

If the tax professional's cursor is located in a "coding field" which interacts with a table, the user simply presses the <TABLE> key to display the contents of the applicable table. Once the table "pops-up" on the terminal, the user simply chooses from the available options. These added eCAM functions take the guess work -- which has been the cause of many valuation errors in the past on comparable systems -- away from the data entry session.

During a data entry or data audit session, the eCAM user has the flexibility to move among eCAM's screens in order to adequately define, appraise, as well as analyze, the host account. Each screen logically flows to the next and all screens are accessible to each other with the simple touch of a function key.

By organizing, standardizing, and streamlining the appraisal processes, eCAM gives the user the power to simplify the day to day operations of the assessors office... Such simplifications invariably result in increased office efficiency and reduced overhead costs.

Has implementing the best business practices and/or automation into your in-house procedures been on your mind? Whether you are a computer novice just beginning your journey through Appraisal and Assessment Office automated solutions or a seasoned professional looking to bring your office up to date with the latest computer technology and automated assessment/appraisal strategies, there are key issues in selecting an Automated Solution which require your insight, fore-thought and just plain "asking the right questions".

Through the years, experience has shown that if potential users solicit responses to a few key issues NOW, it could save much anguish and embarrassment (not to mention time and money) in the long run.

Our Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal, Assessment Reporting and Appraisal / Assessors Office Administrative System (eCAM), incorporates all of the dynamic features listed in this document. This SPD has been compiled to assist in assessing other Property Management / CAMA Automated Solutions with these key Automated Features in mind.