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Electronic Case Management System (eCMS) is a progressive, intelligent, and comprehensive internet browser based adult probation case management system for Texas County Community Supervision & Correction Departments. eCMS resides on a secured site (https://) with n-tier level security and unique user authentication. Hamer Enterprises leveraged IBM’s innovative technology to develop a service-oriented architecture making eCMS a cloud offering with “software as a service” capability for the local government industry. eCMS requires no special software or hardware; just a computer with Internet access. eCMS users sign in and are presented with a personal and customizable dashboard, which displays messages, alerts, appointments, terminations, and delinquencies. Real-time reports are available within a couple of clicks.

eCMS is workflow driven to perform all necessary business processes’ for proficiently supervising client rehabilitation. The business processes established by the counties subject matter experts to assess, classify, and monitor the adjudicated supervisory sentencing of defendants from civil and criminal court case proceedings are built-in to eCMS.

List of Key Product Functions
Pre-Trial Diversion and Release, Pre-Sentence Investigation, Scheduling, Court Case Management, Case Narratives/Notes, Statistical Reporting, Supervision Plan Management, Community Service Management, Referral Agency Assignment, Progress Tracking, Financial Ledger, Court Fees and Fines Management, Victim Management and Retribution Disbursement, Assessments utilizing analysis tools LSIR, SCS, and Risk-Needs, Automated Client Reporting Stations, CSPS tracking and state submission, automated document processing, Client Information Management including ID Photos, descriptive body markings, client relationships, AKAs, vehicles, and employment records, and eCommerce payment and reporting capabilities.

eCMS & Unique Value

  1. eCMS offers a PCI compliant capability to accept, process, and post real time electronic payments through our Hamer Enterprises secure gateway. It provides an online method for collecting credit card, electronic check and EFTs payments for court fees, fines, and restitution
  2. eCMS is instrumented with kiosks for low risk client reporting, automates essential business processes. The automated client reporting stations (kiosks) also provide another method of collections directly outside the probation courtrooms or wherever revenue can easily be captured.
  3. Portability for supervising officers to manage cases from the field.
  4. eCMS is available thru Hamer Enterprises shared cloud offering. Cloud computing adds value by allowing technology users “on-Demand” access to a service while saving investment costs in IT infrastructure, saving time in application development and deployment, and saving resource allocation overhead. Hamer Enterprises cloud offering allows a client to access eCMS on a per user, per month basis.

eCMS & a “Smarter Planet

  • eCMS is Intelligent, because it was an enhancement to a successful legacy product. HE was able to harness its knowledge of customer needs and business processes to utilize data more proficiently, i.e the user dashboard.
  • eCMS is interconnected with an eCommerce suite, auto reporting stations, and state correctional systems.
  • eCMS is instrumented to require the minimal user input to complete functions by autonomously inferring & propagating data where required.

eCMS & Customer Response

Dallas County Community Supervision and Corrections Department (CSCD) eCMS product is part of the Government Industry Framework “Public Safety” focus area. eCMS integrates correction department processes & tasks across a single platform to enable the department to increase communication of case information, enable collaboration between stakeholders, streamline business process flow, reduce errors, coordinate actions, increase responsiveness through built in business intelligence, provide citizen self service options, assess and assign appropriate rehabilitation options, and lastly provides a suite of eCommerce tools to provide electronic payment and reporting capabilities. Through these enhanced business processes Dallas CSCD has increased its collection rate while maintaining its exceptional performance.

eCMS-Voluntary Product Accessibility Template

Section 508 Compliance Statement


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Government Industry Framework - a software platform with government-specific software, solution accelerators and best practices designed to reduce risk and accelerate the deployment of solutions that help you improve citizen services, increase transparency, enhance public safety, and achieve a sustainable environment.  (http://www-01.ibm.com/software/industry/government/)
GIF “Public Safety” focus area - Framework based solutions increase situational awareness, by unlocking information in enterprise data, improving information sharing and cross agency collaboration – all key to enhancing border security and public safety. (http://www-01.ibm.com/software/industry/government/safety-and-security.html)
Software as a Service (SaaS) - Software as a service (SaaS), largely enabled by the Internet and corporate intranets, has become an innovative way for enterprises to do business. In the past, software had to be installed in an infrastructure close to end users. The current industrywide trend is for Internet-based services. Deployment of software as a service, accessible on the Internet and supported by multitenant architecture, makes new applications (or tenants) available with significantly lower costs. A growing number of people in the industry consider Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) -- software applications delivered over the Web -- to be a subset of cloud computing. (http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/library/ar-saasframe/)
Cloud Computing - Cloud computing is a category of computing solutions in which a technology and/or service lets users access computing resources on demand, as needed, whether the resources are physical or virtual, dedicated, or shared, and no matter how they are accessed (via a direct connection, LAN, WAN, or the Internet). The cloud is often characterized by self-service interfaces that let customers acquire resources when needed as long as needed. Cloud is also the concept behind an approach to building IT services that takes advantage of the growing power of servers and virtualization technologies. Cloud computing's importance rests in the cloud's potential to save investment costs in infrastructure, to save time in application development and deployment, and to save resource allocation overhead. (http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/cloud/newto.html)
IBM’s Smarter Planet – a marketing campaign with a purpose to change the way the world literally works, and to make the planet not just smaller and flatter, but smarter. Our world is becoming more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent, which are the three major tenants of the campaign. As the systems of the planet become smart, we have a chance to open up meaningful new possibilities for progress. (http://www.ibm.com/smarterplanet/us/en/index.html?re=sph)