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eNetPay is designed and supported by professionals with years of experience in government processing. It is designed to engage the citizen with government, thus allowing the citizen to interact directly with a specific governmental department via the web by providing both the citizen and government with an enhanced work flow. Any governmental office with Internet access can use this browser-base system directly interact with its constituents and allow for customized reporting back to each department. At the forefront of this interaction, is a fully secured system which uses SSL with 128 bit encryption. Additionally, an on-site independent audit is done each year along with continued monthly and quarterly updates to insure that the system meets all of the latest security standards for PCI-DSS Compliance. Lastly, this product has been certified by IBM to meet the requirements of the “IBM Industry Frameworks for Government” which is the basis for government to work smarter and more efficient.

eNetPay comes with an Administration Console module allows modification or removal of transaction types, locations, grouping for reporting purposes, transaction reversals, and data file interactions.

eNetPay creates a customized public accessible website that enables its constituents to engage in eCommerce. Each instance of eNetPay includes setup, training and on-going live support for the entity as well as the constituent. In addition, the system utilities include various APIs as well as data exchange utilities which enhance the usability of the data and its interaction with back end systems. Through the use of the APIs a real time exchange of data can be accomplished between the governmental entity and the citizen, thus allowing for instant update to the back end systems and providing the citizen with immediate information as to the success of the transaction as well as a new balance on the account. Likewise, through the use of the data exchange utilities similar actions can occur between the citizen and the governmental department on a batched basis and be run at the convenience of the department.

eNetPay is Multi-Faceted:
- Accept Credit Cards, Electronic checks & EFTs
- Captures government specified Account Detail
- Real Time Reports
- Added Customer Convenience
- 24/7/365
- On Demand Reporting/Receipting
- Increase Cash Flow

eNetPay is User Friendly:
- Generate reports
- Internet accessible
- Browser based technology
- User defined tasks
- Online settlement reports
- Settlements via ACH

The Best Choice – eNetPay for all of your government eCommerce solutions. For additional information about how this product offering can help connect your government entity with its constituents please Email [email protected].