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The eCITIZEN® solution uses browser-based technology to bring the flexibility and convenience of Auto Pay and Automatic billing to your constituents. eCITIZEN® provides the citizen with the ability to create their own Billing & Payment Portal, containing bills from multiple departments or entities within your organization. Citizens have the ease of making one-time payments, or signing up for an account and enrolling in Auto Pay, making their own customized payment plans, or using recurring and scheduled payments. Citizens can also enroll in automated Text Messaging Alerts, or be notified via email for payment receipts, changes to their bill, or other billing notifications and reminders.

The Product

  • Fully hosted solution that runs entirely in the cloud.
  • Allows payments by both public users, and logged in users.
  • Fully customizable payment receipts.
  • Supports charge and debit cards displaying the VISA, MasterCard, American Express,
    or Discover logo, including Electronic Check and EFT/ACH.
  • Full-featured Administrative Console.
  • Online settlement reporting system.
  • Simple transactions inquiry.
  • Live customer care for transaction inquires.
  • Live technical support and staff training.
  • Funds transferred in three banking days.
  • Globally available 24/7.

The Features

  • Low Maintenance – The user-friendly system allows citizens to self-register, locate their bills, and pay them online.
  • Flexible Payments – Citizens can register with multiple credit cards or bank accounts, allowing them to pay one or more bills at once, with multiple payment methods.
  • Fast – By allowing the user to create a profile, they can store their payment information for a very fast and convenient payment experience.
  • Automated - eCITIZEN® allows the citizens to schedule one-time payments, enroll in Auto Pay, or even create their own customized scheduled payment plan.
  • Adaptive - Custom messages and content can be added throughout the payment portal, to keep the citizens informed.
  • Secure – Only the highest in PCI-DSS industry standards are utilized, offering a safe payment portal to the citizens.

The Advantages

  • No charge to your office
  • Fully Browser-based
  • No additional hardware
  • No Leasing or licenses
  • API integration to other back-end systems