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Electronic Personnel Records System (ePRS) is an intelligent and comprehensive cloud based solution designed to provide Community Supervision & Corrections Departments with live personnel reporting and paperless personnel records management. ePRS® provides CSCD Directors, Managers/Supervisors, and HD Personnel with up-to-date personnel leave records (annual, sick, compensatory time, FMLS, etc.) to streamline the administrative processing of leave requests and time keeping records. ePRS® was designed to give CSCD Directors, Managers/Supervisors, and HR Personnel live updated employee information to improve efficiency and enhance personnel records and related documents processing and accessibility.

List of Key Product Functions

  • Complete automated personnel files
  • Palm Scan identification of personnel
  • CJAD Budget Salary Schedules
  • CJAD Monthly Health Insurance Report
  • Training Schedules and Training Hours
  • Personnel Evaluations
  • Time Record Keeping
  • Statistical Reporting

ePRS® & Unique Value

  1. ePRS® places live employee information at the fingertips of CSCD Directors, Managers/ Supervisors, and HR Personnel to increase the efficiency of administering the Department. It automatically generates (otherwise time consuming) CJAD reports on demand to improve accuracy and reduce errors.
  2. ePRS® will greatly assist decision makers in the preparation of salary and training schedules, tracking employee leave balances, and scheduling and processing personnel evaluations.

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