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Court Alternatives System (eCAS) provides a site-specific solution in the areas of pre-sentence investigation, pre-trial release, pre-trial diversion, probation-case management, parole-case management, office/client scheduling, workload management, alternative community service, work-site projects management, referral agency tracking, work-release/restitution center management, detention hall management, risk/needs assessments, automated and remote chrono, and victim-assistance management. Database Technology based on IBM DB2

eCAS provides entities with unparalleled supervision and reporting tools to manage individuals prescribed by the court system to be monitored as a productive member of society in order to alleviate a significant amount of the cost burden associated with incarceration. eCAS provides client assessment, selection, management and evaluation tools which greatly enhances the ability to place, supervise and report on individuals in available programs and services that will maximize the potential of a proper and full restitution to society. In so doing, eCAS improves the ability to provide the proper rehabilitation opportunities to the client while insuring the proper tracking and notification of the victims.

Once accepted into an available program, eCAS provides the tracking and reporting tools on individuals and groups of individuals to monitor and evaluate the program's effectiveness. eCAS enhances the productivity of the individuals charged with the monitoring responsibility by ensuring quicker and better communications between managers, departments and agencies. All of the above is accomplished via the use of common and specific client data being entered from various sources to create a Central Information File (CIF) and then integrated with numerous ergonomic user utilities. The CIF captures all required data about a client, which may be accessed by all users to the degree their security decrees, thereby eliminating redundancy.

The Court Alternatives System allows for the joint or integrated operation of agencies and/or departments via integrated modules such as Pre-Sentence Investigation, Pre-Trail Release, Pre-Trial Diversion, Probation Case Management or Parole Case Management, Officer/Client Scheduling, Work Load Management, Alternative Community Service Management, Referral Agency Tracking Management, Risk/Needs Assessments, Automated & Remote Chronos, Financial Ledger Management, On-Line Collection Management, Payment Exemption Management, Automated Check Writer, Forms/Document Processing Management, and Victim Assistance Management. Via specially integrated modules, eCAS effectively automates other procedures such as Work Release/Restitution Center Management, Inventory Management, Purchasing Management, Resident's Dietary Tracking, Client Health Tracking, Work Site Projects Management, CACHE-MATE Collection Processing, Court Cost Distribution Management, Imaging Management and AD-HOC Custom Report Designing.

eCAS further enables state and local governmental management by way of an Internet/Browser based application, which allows for offender "reporting" and the collection of all fees and fines by using a credit card or by cash. The eCAS hardware allows the offender to register via biometrics enabling the offender to "report" online. The eCAS system interacts directly with the eCAS product (or other probation software) to enable the management of all aspects of the offender in regards to "reporting" and the collection of fees and fines. Database Technology based on IBM DB2.