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The State of Texas Centralized Master Bidders List (CMBL)

Easy Access Inc (EAI) - CMBL Link
Texas Logic Inc (TLI) - CMBL Link

The CMBL is an approved master database of vendors used by State of Texas purchasing entities (i.e., State agencies, municipalities, counties and etc.) that are approved to receive bid requests based on the products or services that these vendors can provide to the State of Texas or other subdivisions of government within the State of Texas.

Easy Access Inc (EAI) and Texas Logic Inc (TLI); subsidiaries of Hamer Enterprises are both approved CMBL vendors

The major products that EAI provide are application software for state and local governmental entities. These software products offerings are:

Property Tax Management Software Systems

eTAX - An integrated property tax administration, billing, collection and distribution software application. This product entails both real (Secured) and personal property (Unsecured) Systems.

eCAM - An integrated Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) and Assessment Administration solution designed specifically for Texas Central Appraisal Districts. This product entails both real (Secured) and personal property (Unsecured) Systems.

eFile - Internet base Business Personal Property Rendition filing and management system. Business taxpayers can use this tool to electronically file all Business Personal Property Renditions via the modality of the Internet.

eEscrow - Internet based Tax Prepayment Program

eCMS - Integrated Probation Management Software for automated tracking, management and statistical reporting of individuals under court supervision.

In addition to the application software above, EAI can also provide the related implementation services.

The major products that TLI provide are IBM Power Systems / IBM i hardware systems and the related system software that supports this hardware platform

TLI has staff that are certified IBM i specialists that are specifically trained and certified in the implementation and installation services attendant with the IBM I hardware and system software platform.