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Texas Logic Inc. (TLI) is recognized nationally for their criminal justice line of application software solutions. These solutions provide state and local governments the tools necessary to meet the demands of its citizens while balancing a shrinking budget. The company's predominant success is a result of dynamic, high utility application software tools, hardware, and consulting services, in the public sector areas of restitution, supervision and court management. Due to TLI's wide ranging practical knowledge and experience with the computerization needs of diverse local, state and national entities needs, the company has maintained a solid reputation for solving turnkey needs.

TLI, is established nationally as a leader in application software solutions in all areas relating to Probation, Parole, Community Services, Detention Hall, ADR, Pre-Trial Services, Work Release Management and/or Assessments. When combined, these highly integrated modules are known nationally as eCAS (Court Alternatives System). With its latest offering, eJUSTICE, TLI is offering a fully integrated criminal justice solution. With eJUSTICE, TLI is positioned to meet the "On-Demand" needs of the judicial system by providing a web based solution that enables government constituents to be an active participant in the daily judicial system. TLI is establishing standards in its field across the nation by providing enabling solutions which will allow government to increase services without increasing the budget.


eCAS - Court Alternatives System
eSCOFFLAW - Scofflaw Fees/Fines Collection System